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OSS Notes 917551

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SAP Note 917551 - Maintain Pharmaceutical Central Number

in material master

Note Language: English Version: 3 Validity: Valid Since 23.04.2012



You want to define the Pharmaceutical Central Number for drugs that are

sold in Germany in the material master.

Other terms

Pharmaceutical Central Number, IFA, International Article Number, European

Article Number, EAN

Reason and Prerequisites

The problem is caused by Customizing.


The solution described in this SAP Note is an alternative way to display

the Pharmaceutical Central Number in the system. You can use this solution

only if there is no conflict with the used EAN category in Customizing. The

Pharmaceutical Central Number was enhanced to a format with eight

characters. Due to this, the number range may overlap with the short EAN.

In this case, you cannot store the Pharmaceutical Central Number as an EAN.

As an alternative, you can integrate a customer-specific field in material

master maintenance. You can find instructions on how to do this in SAP Note


The Pharmaceutical Central Number is a type of EAN code that is assigned by

the IFA. This code is a seven-digit numeric code. The first 6 digits are

assigned by the IFA The 7th digit is a check digit that is

calculated in accordance with the attached algorithm.

Use Transaction W4EN to create an EXTERNAL number range with a length of 7

digits in the Customizing for EANs.

This number range should be defined from 1000000 to 9999999.

Then, use Transaction W4ES to define a new separate EAN category, for

example, ZN

Name: Pharma Central Number

Number range object: EUROPARTNR

External number range: Selection in accordance with previous setting

Check-digit algorithm: INITIAL

The other settings also remain initial.

You should now be able to define the code in the material master in the EAN

field. When you enter the pure number, the system should automatically

determine the EAN category. If not, you must adjust your Customizing for

the other categories.

The setting 'Automatic check digit determination' is deactivated.

If necessary, you can use the BADI_EAN_SYSTEMATIC customer BAdI to create a

check of the code, that is, a check to determine whether the check digit

matches the code.

You can find more details and help in the attached SAP Notes.

Details about the Pharmaceutical Central Number are available at

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SAP Note 917551 - Maintain Pharmaceutical Central Number

in material master or

Header Data

Release Status: Released for Customer

Released on: 23.04.2012 10:28:42

Master Language: German

Priority: Recommendations/additional info

Category: Consulting

Primary Component: LO-MD-MM Material Master

Secondary Components:

IS-H-MM Integration with Materials Management

The Note is release-independent

Related Notes

Number Short Text

545520 FAQ: International Article Number (EAN/UPC)




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