Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SAP Pricing - Group Condition Type

Group condition types are very helpful to resolve the some complex pricing issues when we have to calculate a value based on the sales order header and distribute the value to sales order line items. Generally these condition types will be marked as Header and item both.

During our current large scale SAP implementation we realized these are performance intensive configs which slows down the sales order creation process by consuming more system resources. These condition types are determined at the order header and based on the pricing routine the value is distributed to line items based on qty, wt, volume or value. Some time this distribution can be a complex calculation which will lead to system slowdown as the distribution happens in the second pass or third pass.

Suggestion is if you have more line items in the sales order to process and if there are lot of sales order to be processed each day then try to avoid the group conditions.

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