Thursday, September 2, 2010

SAP Best price between order date and actual ship date

Requirement is to determine the best price between order date and ship date. If a sales order is created on day 1 and PGI is done on day 3, then the invoice should have the best price (base price) between these dates. If the business process is that the price can change very often then this solution will work:

  1. Create 2 Base Price condition types, like ZPR1 and ZPR2
  2. Reference ZPR1 in ZPR2
  3. Assign the same access sequence to both condition types
  4. In ZPR2 assign Pricing date as "A -Date of services rendered"
  5. Maintain condition record only for ZPR1
  6. Maintain ZPR1 and ZPR2 in pricing procedure in the sequence
  7. After PGI, write a program to call VA02 transaction to reprice the sales order, before billing is done else update pricing manually in sales order.
  8. After this program is executed, create billing document.
  9. Delivery document is not price relevant.
The above solution is implemented successfully for a big CPG company.

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