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SAP Transactions, Programs

search_sap_menu - Finds the menu path to a transaction - Can either type in TX code in the search criteria or a description- ie. 1st try SE38 and then ABAP.... the returned result is 'bottom to top'.

EDI Specific Transactions
VOE1 Translation between EDI categories and SD item categories

VOE2 Table EDSC view. Customer link to sales area detail

VOE3 Table view EDPVW. Add partner types that will be transferred to the IDoc

VOE4 Table view EDPAR. Link external partner number with our internal number

WEDI EDI Administrator Menu

BALE Idoc Administration

Scheduling agreements
OVA9 Create entries for each sold-to customer for which you will receive EDI schedule releases. At implementation, the only field that needs to be maintained is "Check PO number," which causes SAP to make sure that the PO number sent on the release matches the PO number on the schedule agreement. This transaction updates table T663A. SAP will not post an EDI schedule release, if this record is missing.

OVAI Create entries for each Vendor / Partner description combination. (Vendors must match sold-to Acct. at Cust., and Partner descriptions must match ship-to Partner descriptions.) This transaction updates table T661W. SAP uses this table to determine the schedule agreement sold-to partner.

OVAJ If you would like SAP to post schedule requirements using discrete dates only, instead of weekly and/or monthly buckets, you can indicate the days of the week that you deliver to this customer. SAP will divide the customer's quantity for a week or month evenly into the days of the week specified by the distribution function code. This code must be sent in the DELINS IDoc in field E1EDP16-ETVTF.

IDoc Transactions
WE09 / WE02 IDoc lists according to content. View IDocs via specific IDoc number or business application detail contained within the contents of a segment.

WE05 View IDocs

WE19 EDI test tool. Use to test inbound Function module changes.

WE20 Partner profile configuration. Add partner detail together with inbound and outbound relationships. We also incorporate message control on the outbound IDocs. Utilize the organizational units to trap functional errors for further processing

WE30 Create IDoc extension type

WE31 Segment create

WE57 Assign function module to logical message and IDoc type

WE60 IDoc type documentation tool

WE82 Link Release detail to Extension IDoc Type

BD55 Conversion rule user exit. Link conversion rule user exit to the different system \ partner combinations

BD87 Reprocess IDocs in error or waiting for action. (Both inbound and outbound in 4.6. Use BD88 in prior versions)

BALA ALE Application Distribution

BALM ALE Master Data Distribution

Output determination
856 - ASN
V/36 Maintain output determination for deliveries (Output determination procedures). V10000 (Header output) has condition type LAVA (usually with requirement 1 NB: Use V/84 – V7ALLE – SHAD for grouped ASNs. I.e. Group deliveries into shipments

VV21,VV22,VV23 Create output condition records for shipping. LAVA – WE (Partner function) - We must add each new partner with VV21

VL71 Reissue output for deliveries

810 - Invoice
V/54 Maintain access sequence for billing documents

VV31,VV32,VV33 Create condition records for billing documents. (RD00 – RE Billing party)

VF31 Reissue output for billing documents

855 – Order Response
V/30 Sales document output types (BA00)

V/48, V/32, V/43 Maintain access sequence for sales documents

VV11,VV12,VV13 Create condition records for sales documents. (BA00 – SP Sold to party)

Requirements coding
V/27 Create code to check requirements for output control. Used to check ZBA0 against BA00 output.

Sales & Distribution
Sales order / Quote / Sched Agreement / Contract
VA02 Sales order change

VA05 List of sales orders

VA22 Quotation change

VA32 Scheduling agreement change

VA42 Contract change

VF02 Change billing document

VF11 Cancel Billing document

VF04 Billing due list

FBL5N Display Customer invoices by line

FBL1N Display Vendor invoices by line

VL02N Change delivery document

VL04 Delivery due list

VKM5 List of deliveries

VL06G List of outbound deliveries for goods issue

VL06P List of outbound deliveries for picking

VL09 Cancel goods issue

VT02N Change shipment

VT70 Output for shipments

VKM3, VKM4 List of sales documents

VKM1 List of blocked SD documents

VD52 Material Determination

SWEAD Event queue administration

SWE2 Event type linkages

SWE3 Event linkages

PPOME Organizational Unit Maintenance

SWE5 Consistency Checks for Event Linkages

SWUD Workflow Diagnostic Tool

The following section provides detail on other useful SAP areas.

Create delivery via transfer orders
Once the order is saved proceed through the following steps. The process assumes the item has values in the warehouse bin.

VL04 Delivery due list. Run the delivery due with your order number to create the delivery

LT03 Create Transfer Order. EG. Warehouse: 101 and enter. Picking background. Save

The Transfer order should now be saved. It now needs to be confirmed.

In LT03 go to menu option Transfer Order -> Confirm – Transfer Order
The transfer order is now confirmed.

VL02N Delivery change. EG: Edit the delivery to do the following Pack – External customer material number = COO. External delivery number – Waybill number. BOL – Transport tag. Carrier – Header partner – SP (E.G. FXP). Tracking number = Packing Unit

Purchase Orders
ME22N PO Change

ME57 Create PO from purchase requisition

CO09 Availability overview

Goods Movement
MIGO Post goods receipt

MB51 Material document list

MB01 Goods Movement

MD04 Material Requirements. Shows material requirements and releases against materials

SE38 ABAP Editor. Used to modify ABAP programs

SM01 Transaction list. Lock transactions in the system. Also a good tool to see what transactions are available

SHDB Transaction recorder (BDC)

CMOD User exit \ project tool. Coordinates your changes into projects for the purpose of activating all user exits for a particular project. A user exit needs to be modified before it will work

SE16 Table contents display

SOST View mails sent externally from SAP

SU53 Check authorization object

SQVI Table Quickviewer – Used to created quick client dependent reports

ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis

ST01 System trace

ST11 Display developer trace

ST05 SQL Trace

SM21 System log

ST22 Display short dumps

SM12 Display locked entries

List of ABAP Reports

RBDAPP01 Post inbound Idocs to application documents

RBDAGAI2 Re-processing of IDocs after ALE input error

RBDAGAIE Reprocessing of edited IDocs

RBDMANIN Start error handling for non-posted Idocs

RSEINB00 Idoc inbound processing by file

RSEOUT00 Process outbound IDocs

RV80HGEN Report 'RV80HGEN' for including customer-specific routines in the SAP standard source code is not included automatically as an XPRA in the object list of the transport request. See OSS note 0385067. This report needs to be run in target clients once you have implemented a custom requirements definition.

RSWUWFML Report that interrogates the Workflow inbox, based on certain selections, and then forwards a notification to the respective users that they have email waiting in the SAP system. The auto-forwarding assignment of an email address to a user can be accomplished by the administrator and tx: SO36 or by the user themselves using tx: SO13. Use tx: SOST to view email status’ sent from SAP.

RHSOBJCH Corrects the following error in workflow customizing:

Transport object PDST

Information Table SOBJ is consistent as regards key tables

***Error*** Table HRP1600 Not an entry in table SOBJ

Information Table SOBJ is consistent as regards PAD tables

See note 134311 (point 2). Note 60801 also recommends the same steps regarding RHSOBJCH.

RSPO0075 Run report RSPO0075 to activate access method M for device types.

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